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10 good reasons

for working with Headquarters Hamburg


Reason 1: We focus on success

We do not believe in communication for the sake of mere communication. Communication is meant to serve a single goal, to lead your company into success and generate return on your investment. This is the focus we strive after. Communication for us is an art and craft for which we live and breathe in our daily work. We believe this is the only way to produce efficient measures that hit their target groups, standout within the multitude of communications and most important are memorable and successful.

Reason 2: Outside of the box is how we think it’s done / We think outside the box

Offering a full service to our clients, we believe in a holistic approach to realise truly integrated communication solutions. Whether classic advertising, multimedia and online communication, brand design or PR, we deliver cross-media strategies to cater for complete or partial projects fitting into your marketing and communications mix.

Reason 3: Creative but rock solid

Being a medium sized company ourselves, we understand the demands of such companies who place their trust in us. We do not promise the hanging gardens of Babylon neither do we propagate cash eating black holes. We believe in a fair mix of practical, intelligent and promising communication measures with an eye for detail. This is true creativity to us because what works for the customer works for you. Regardless of budget and size of campaigns.

Reason 4: We are fast, flexible and cool headed

Things do not always go according to plan. Precisely in such situations we are able to keep a cool, clear head and rely on our experience in time keeping and show flexibility in last minute changes. Flat hierarchies, high levels of commitment and flexibility are factors to guarantee short reaction times and fast results. We keep on pushing when others fall behind.

Reason 5: We love challenges

To communicate products and services requiring extensive explanations is our passion. Complexity is a challenge to overcome and we take on those challenges every day. The reason for this is as simple as it is logical. Only if we, as the agency, understand the product or service to be promoted, are we able to properly communicate its benefits to the consumer. As simple as that!  Following this strategy, Headquarters Hamburg has managed to evolve into a leading agency for watersports as well as specialising in industrial and medical sectors.

Reason 6: We speak your language

Communication knows no borders, especially in the digital age. Language barriers are unknown to us. Whether German, English, French, Spanish, Italian or Swedish. We communicate the benefits of your service or product on international markets. Welcome, Willkommen, Bienvenue, Bienvenido, Benvenuto or Välkommen at Headquarters Hamburg.

Reason 7: Qualified in many ways

Strong as a bull. This is how our team is best described. Our team at Headquarters Hamburg comprises of people with multiple skills and characters. Our account handling, graphics department, copywriters, web developers and programmers form the basis of an exciting and heterogeneous creative mix complementing each other to deliver optimal campaigns.

Reason 8: Become convinced by passion and authenticity

We value close, fair partnerships with our clients. We treat you as we would like to be treated because we want our clients to feel that they are appreciated and in good hands. We see or our clients’ projects partly as our own, devoting the time needed to deliver meaningful communication solutions.

Reason 9: We take on responsibility

Headquarters Hamburg is run by its founding partners and owners. Our clients are personally supported by one of the owners in collaboration with a strong team of account handlers and graphical artists. Personal commitment and responsibility are part of our daily input when working on our clients’ projects.

Reason 10: We are Hamburg Merchants in the world of communication

Coming from a city like Hamburg, much of its trade ethics and ways of handling client relations was pre-programmed into our genetic code. Nowadays expressions running under the common term of ‘corporate attitude’ such as honesty, fairness, reliability, credibility, responsibility or a down to earth attitude are self-evident traits for us.


The faces of HQHH

Our many shades of colour and culture

Jan-Marc Ulrich

+49 (0)40-87 87 999-21

His definition of customer service is very simple. A mere "Cannot make it" does not exist in his vocabulary! Tending to be a perfectionist he would never accept lukewarm or half-baked projects. Once hooked on a project, he won't let go - even if it takes a night or two.

Philip Nann

+49 (0)40-87 87 999-24

He never beats about the bush but loves straight talking. And it does not matter whether in German, English, Spanish or Swedish. But languages are just one of his talents. Almost daily he impresses with his endless ideas and creativity. Every idea is worth thinking about. Even the craziest ones!

Ole Traumüller

+49 (0)40-87 87 999-27

Mr. Super Graphics and multi-language coder at Headquarters Hamburg can really be asked about anything. He manages to have a valid answer for just about every topic. Clients love his way of leading them to the right solution even if an online case seemed unsolvable at first. Here he proves how efficient functionality and sleek design really do come hand in hand. Over and over again.

Oliver Prüßner

+49 (0)40-87 87 999-22

Talking, explaining, listening combined with simultaneous understanding. Oliver is a safe haven for all clients’ needs. Being the eloquent account manager he is you will find him travelling or talking on the phone. Communication is his passion. From tip to toe.

Leif Tom Loose

+49 (0)40-87 87 999-23

Nerves of steel and cold as ice? No, Leif is not the soulless workaholic. He only never loses his cool. Even when for some the plane has crashed into the mountain, he will take the lead and sort the situation. He is an analytical, strategic, meaningful and above all incredibly friendly person.

Thomas Donker

+49 (0)40-87 87 999-27

How can old school, nostalgia, retro or even good old manners be put? With his calm and pleasant manner he is the personification of them all with a fair splash of eccentricity! He lives and breathes purist design, even when challenging. Though he is passionate about these things, he can switch to a different style in a second. That's what a qualified designer with vast experience like him is all about.

Arne Traumüller

+49 (0)40-87 87 999-0

Cool as a cucumber. This is a simple and accurate description of Arne. His expertise ranges from developing native and web based in-house applications, and database solutions to mobile apps and much more. Due to his calmness, his ability for abstract thinking and the gift to really listen to needs and to ask the right questions, Arne manages to convince even more traditionalist clients to enter a more digital route in communication.

Yasmin Traumüller

+49 (0)40-87 87 999-0

Yasmin is a true language wiz. Her specialities are web languages such a HTML, CSS or JavaScript to mention just a few. Being a web developer she works with mobile apps, functional websites, web shops, database solutions as well as web based in-house solutions. Rational and analytical on the job, a true bundle of energy in her private life.

Inga Kathleen Folck

+49 (0)40-87 87 999-0

Inga is our specialist for moving pictures. She trained as a media designer for sound and vision and has gained comprehensive experience working as a cutter in film production. Her speciality was image, advertising and event filming. A boon for Headquarters, as the demand from our customers for moving pictures for the Internet is growing. We draw happily on her expertise especially in the production of virals and info-films.