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“How well do you really know the yachting and maritime industry?” This is a question we are often asked. A plausible question, as language on the water often underlies its own rules. Especially the vastness of products and services demand certain terminology and vocabulary that are bound by their own rules and traditions demanding a deep insight and knowledge of this market to be able to produce communication that is accepted and seen as authentic. The maritime industry deals with the consumers’ spare time. Hence all decisions and therefore all communication deals with emotions and how they can be triggered. Here our vast experience as boaters ourselves helps not only to understand and identify but also to meet consumers’ needs in this very special sector. We know this market not just by abstract theory. We are part of it ourselves.

Our insider knowledge is based on more than 140 years of combined experience as international grand prix and one design sailors, motor boat enthusiasts, boat owners and cruising sailors. What do our target groups look like and how do we reach them? Which event is currently top priority for the target group? What is the latest development? What are future trends? We have the answers to these questions and the ability to develop the corresponding communication around them.

In addition to this expertise and insider knowledge it is our experience as an advertising agency that attracts and convinces many market leaders to put their communications needs in our safe hands. All of this has made Headquarters Hamburg one of the leading agencies for the maritime market today.



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