12 3 4 5 6 1 2 4 56 2 6 3 3 Gangway Entrance access The high resolution cameras allow for a detailed view of the gangway to check the entrance By monitoring the gangway an effective check for unauthorised persons is made possible In case of very high and steep gangways surveillance cameras can also help detecting hurt people at an early stage Mooring Winch area CCTV video surveillance ensures the health of personnel working in the dangerous mooring and winch areas The possibility of permanently checking these sensitive areas also enables the early detection of stowaways or of potential damages Navigation support In accordance with classification societies the observation of blind spots which cannot be seen from the bridge e g in mooring process is made possible by CCTV surveillance systems While on a journey cameras help checking the exact position of the vessel For example when going through canals like the Suez Canal CCTV systems allow for an exact assessment of the vessel s position thereby preventing potential damage e g by quay walls Bunker station With video surveillance you get a full overview during the whole bunkering process This way you are always able to check that no sparking or leakages evolve Engine room In this sensitive environment with flammable fluids like oil and grease a fire can be especially disastrous With CCTV you can see smoke development at an early stage to prevent a fire from getting started Also false alarms can be identified With strong vibrations and heat building the engine room is an extremely demanding environment where cameras have to meet especially high requirements Anti Piracy Citadel In the worst case of a piracy attack monitoring the whole vessel from inside the secure citadel allows for a realistic assessment of the situation CCTV on board

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