1 2 4 56 2 6 3 3 Safety and security for your vessel wind park or oil rig CCTV video surveillance ensures the safety and security of personnel machinery and goods Safety Ensuring health of personnel Nowadays teams of less and less crew members work on huge vessels Therefore the health of your personnel can only be ensured when you have your eyes in the most dangerous and even most isolated areas e g the mooring and winch area passage ways steering gear rooms or car decks Security Early detection of threats for machinery On vessels and oil rigs CCTV video increase security enor mously by making a permanent control of sensitive areas possible They allow an early assessment of a potentially dangerous situation by showing smoke development or giving a first indication of a false alarm In case of fire or malfunctions threats for machinery can be identified at an early stage and further damage can be prevented Legal protection in case of damaged goods Due to their authenticity and unchangeability CCTV recordings count as evidence in legal cases In case of legal disputes CCTV can be the decisive argument proving your point in court Surveillance of external services CCTV cameras allow a full overview of the bunkering process with all its details like its duration or potential leakages Effective control of unauthorised BE personnel Blind spots or isolated areas offer stowaways or unauthorised personnel opportunities to hide or access sensitive areas CCTV allows for an effective control of all areas that are of importance to you Early detection of piracy attacks In case of piracy attacks monitoring the vicinity from the secure citadel allows an early assessment of the situation

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