Cameras for your needs WISKA offers miscellaneous high quality cameras for indoor and outdoor usage All are characterised by their perfect adaption to rough environments Explosion proof cameras WISKA offers explosion proof cameras with an integrated connection compartment that makes an additional junction box unnecessary Our explosion proof product range is distinguished by no external cabling Wash wipe and pan tilt zoom functions are available The product range includes explosion proof camera stations as well as dome cameras for zone 1 and 2 applications Thermal cameras Thermal cameras for night vision can be used in extreme temperature environments WISKA offers miscellaneous camera stations either fixed or on pan tilt unit Also a combination with a daylight camera is possible Dome cameras Our product range includes dome cameras made of various materials for indoor and outdoor use fixed or with pan tilt zoom Full stainless steel cameras Our high quality cameras made of full stainless steel are perfectly adapted to withstand roughest outdoor conditions like seawater and vibration Searchlight and camera combinations As a manufacturer of maritime lighting we also offer combined units of cameras with our high quality searchlights CCTV Other technical data on request Subject to modifications and amendments

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